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Reiki and Rei Qong

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Mitchell is a certified Reiki Master and Rei Qong Master

Mitchell offers the services of Reiki and Rei Qong in either private or group sessions. Contact him to book a session or to have him answer any questions you may have.

Reiki - (Pronounced "Ray-kee") is a Japanese healing practice designed to bring about a higher quality of healing and existence in the recipient. The literal translation of Reiki is "universal life energy". Reiki balances the mind, body, and spirit of the recipient to promote more extensive and inclusive healing. It is compatible with almost every kind of medication and treatment, and can increase the effectiveness of those treatments and the recovery of the patient. It works so well because it has been designed to increase the recipient's gathering and use of universal life energy.

Rei Qong - (Pronounced "Ray-gong") is a self healing practice designed to bring the recipient fully into the healing process. This means that the recipient is actively healing themselves (increasing the rate and effectiveness with which they heal). It is a fusion of the Japanese healing practice of Reiki and the Chinese breathing meditation of Chi Qong. It was created by my teacher, Master Ron Navarre, in an effort to aid the recovery of pre and post-surgical patients, cancer patients, and those suffering from chronic illness. The practice takes the beneficial effects of Reiki and Chi Qong and increases the effectiveness of both.

Chi Qong - (Pronounced "Chee-gong") is  an ancient Chinese health and meditation practice. Literally meaning (Chi)"breath energy" (Qong)"training", it focuses on internally cultivating energy. Having been taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the past 4,000 years, it has been designed to activate, circulate, ground, and direct the energy of life, Chi.

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I’m a skeptic. I always have been. You could blame it on being raised by scientists, but I have a hard time believing in something unless it can be empirically proven via the scientific method. But I do try to keep an open-ish mind. When Mitch offered to perform Reiki on a bruise that was quickly forming on my elbow, I was needless-to-say, skeptical. I allowed him to do it more out of curiosity.

To divert for a moment- I’m an active person and I get banged up my fair share. I know how bruises work, especially how they work for me. I have swelling and tenderness without much discoloration for about two days. Then the bruise will turn a dark blue-ish/green and stay that way for at least a week, sometimes more- slowly turning to brown and finally fading away.

So when I awoke the morning after my elbow injury/Reiki trail and saw a bright red elbow, I was stunned. Actually, “freaked out” was the exact phrase I used. This isn’t how a bruise acts with my body! That bruise continued to act weird as the days went on. There was no tenderness. The redness faded away by the end of the second day. After a week, all signs of the bruise were gone.

I’ve never had a bruise act like this and my scientific mind can’t think of a “practical” explanation. I can’t say that I’m not still a skeptic, but, thanks to Mitch, my mind is a bit more accepting- of Reiki anyway.


-Deanna R.

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