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Logan McCoy

November 2014

November 7 - Logan has been cast for fight work for the pilot of the 70s webseries Blackwell Summers Mysteries. Logan will be playing a casino patron who gets involved in a large rumble!

October 2014

October 20 - Logan is again assisting Fight Director J. David Brimmer! This time he is assisting with the violence for NYU's Tisch School of the Arts productions of Romeo and Juliet, and Midsummer night's Dream.

October 9 - Logan is assisting Fight Director J. David Brimmer with the violence for the off-broadway show Punk Rock. Directed by Tripp Cullman, Punk Rock will be showing at the MCC Theater of the Lucille Lortel Theatre from October 29 - December 7.

September 2014

September 28 - Temple of the Souls has finished its run with great success, selling out multiple times! Logan is extremely proud of the wonderful work the cast put in and is grateful to director Lorca Peress and stage manager Jessica Urtecho for the amazing opportunity they gave him.

August 2014

August 19 - Logan is proud to announce that he has been hired to choreograph the violence for the upcoming new musical Temple of the Souls. A tale of forbidden love set in 1500s Puerto Rico, Temple of the Souls is directed by Lorca Peress of Multistages and will be showing at Theater for the New City September 16-28. Visit the Facebook Page for more info!

August 14 - Logan completed his Sword and Shield Skills Proficiency test for the Society of American Fight Directors with a recommended pass! Logan, along with his partner John Kollmer, performed the climactic battle between Prince Hal (Logan) and Hotspur (John) from Shakespeare's Henry IV Part 1.

July 2014

July 30 - Logan is proud to have been a part of another rousing rendition of The Shakespeare Brawl Crawl. Logan and his partner Ethan Itzkow performed the duel between Edgar and Edmund from King Lear, delighting the audience with their daring.

May 2014


 May 8 - Logan completed his Knife Skills Proficiency Test for the Society of American Fight Directors with a recommended pass! Logan performed a scene from the 1989 dark comedy "The War of the Roses", starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. Logan, as Oliver, created a horrifyingly comedic fight with his partner Arielle Thomas, who played Oliver's wife Barbara.

April 2014


April 30 - Logan has been cast in a supporting role for the short film "The Neighbor Hood", directed by Anthony Orkin! "The Neighbor Hood" is about a "yuppie couple whose relationship is threatened by a charismatic stranger". Filming begins late May.

April 16 - Logan has been cast in the upcoming Shakespeare Brawl Crawl in NYC, taking place on May 28! The Shakespeare Brawl Crawl is a pub crawl where the group travels from pub to pub to drink and watch various Shakespearean fight scenes. Logan will be choreographing the violence for his scene and will be portraying the character Edgar and will be fighting Nick Ritacco, who portrays Edmund, in a performance of Act V, Scene III of King Lear. Visit the Facebook page for more info!


April 14 -Logan is pleased to announce that he and his brother Mitch will be working with Joan Kane, the director of Penny Jackson's Bitten, again for the Manhattan Theater Works Fire-Works Festival. The festival presents a series of short plays about gun control. Logan and Mitch will be performing opposite London Griffith in the short-play Pulverized! by Judy Klass. Logan will be playing the role of Mickey, a 10 year old bully with little respect for guns, and Mitch will be playing the eager-to-please Bobby. The festival takes place May 19 at 7PM at 357 W. 36th St., 3rd Floor, in NYC. Tickets are $10. Visit the Manhattan Theater Works website for more info!

February 2014

February 23 - Penny Jackson's Bitten, directed by Joan Kane, wrapped last night with a completely sold-out house. In fact, Bitten was filled to capacity for four out of nine shows, and nearly filled for the rest! Theater critic David Roberts, said Logan's portrayal of Sean Maguire was "tender and lovable...[he] layers his performance with skill." Karen Tortora-Lee, reviewer of, described Logan's performance as "...delightful, affable..." Logan is thoroughly grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful show, and looks forward to future endeavors with the Ego Actus family.


December 2013


December 17 - Logan has been cast in Ego Actus Productions' new site-specific play Bitten, written by Penny Jackson and directed by Joan Kane, as Sean Maguire, the young Irish bartender. Bitten is about an alcoholic Irish grandmother and her loving but tightly-wound grandson who is attempting to place her in assisted living. Bitten will be premiering at Quinn's Bar and Grill at 353 West 44th St, and will be running every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm from February 6 to February 22. For more information, visit the Ego Actus website:


November 2013


November 1 - Logan has finished an amazing run of Survive! Survive! which thrilled and terrified audiences! Playing the improv character of James, one of the Survivors, Logan managed to  inject humor into high-octane scenes, by portraying James as a morphine-addicted failure of a doomsday prepper.


September 2013


September 16 - Logan has just finished filiming a promo for the brand new company NerdFit, created by stage combat goddess Alicia Rodis and capoeira practitioner Eric Canlas. NerdFit focuses on mixing stage combat techniques with workout regimines to create a fun way of staying in shape. Check out NerdFit's booth at this upcoming ComicCon in NY!


August 2013

August 15 - Logan completed his Quarterstaff Skills Proficiency Renewal test for the Society of American Fight Directors with a recommended pass! Performing a scene from the TV show "Once Upon A Time", Logan, as Capt. Killian, performs an amazing fight against the nefarious Rumpelstiltskin, played by the wonderful and incredibly talented Ariel de Ment.  The video can be found to the right, or on the media page.

August 9 - Logan has been cast as the recurring character King Mycetes in the new web series 'Tamburlaine the Great', directed by Madeline Lewis and produced  by Vivid Verse Productions, which will faithfully adapt Christopher Marlowe's play of the same name into an episodic format.


July 2013


July 18 - Logan has been cast in the role of Survivor James in the brand new zombie theatrical experience Survive! Survive!. Part scripted, part improv, Survive! Survive! is created and directed by Trevor Buteau & Kevin C. Gall and produced by Chris Dieman, Jenna Lloyd & Frank Swann. Survive! Survive! will be showing from Oct. 24 - Nov. 4 at the 133rd St. Arts Center in Manhattan, NY.

May 2013

May 9 - Logan has completed his Unarmed Combat Skills Proficiency Renewal test and his Single Sword and Rapier & Dagger Skills Proficiency Tests for the Society of American Fight Directors, earning two Recommended Passes and a Basic Pass respectively! For his Unarmed test, Logan played the menacing Treat opposite the talented Jasper Hirose's vulnerable Phillip in a scene from Lyle Kessler's Orphans. In his Single Sword test, Logan portrayed the delightfully evil Count Tyrone Rugen, pitting himself against the valiant Inigo Montoya, expertly played by Laura Crone, in a scene from the classic movie "The Princess Bride". Lastly, Logan chose to go a more modern route for his Rapier & Dagger test, playing Jon Snow versus Laura Crone's Ygritte in a scene from HBO's hit show "Game of Thrones". 


May 6 - Logan has been cast in the workshop of the zombie theatrical experience he has been working on as a member of the Writing Council. The show is now named: Survive! Survive!.



January 2013


January 28 - Logan has been cast as the series regular Ninja Ash for the upcoming web series "Sidetracked: A Musical Web Series", directed by the talented Gabriel Barreto! Check it out on Facebook at!


January 8 - Logan has been selected to be a member of the Writing Council for an upcoming, untitled zombie theatrical show!



December 2012


December 12 - Logan completed his Broadsword Skills Proficiency Test with the Society of American Fight Directors, earning a Basic Pass! Logan, as the Dauphin, performed a scene from Shakespeare's Henry VI part 1 opposite the amazing Hannah Rosen, who played Joan of Arc.



August 2012


August 19 - Logan finished the third rendition of the high octane fight/dance show FIGHTER as the hilariously misanthropic teacher Mr. Bootymonster. FIGHTER toured in Kansas City, Missouri in the beautiful 900 seat Rose Theater.


August 16 - Logan, alongside his brother Mitch, was interviewed by Lisa Gutierrez for the Kansas City Star regarding the upcoming show FIGHTER. Logan is quoted below as saying: "Although they are stage fights, because they are set and choreographed to music, they're more akin to dance pieces that portray violence than actual full-on fight scenes...So, the audience will probably be seeing a stylistic form of dance and violence that they've never seen before, and that's our primary goal. It really is a wonderful story. It's not just a series of fights with a story tacked on. The story really makes FIGHTER what it is."



May 2012

May 25 - Logan has just appeared in a scene from Oliver Thrun's play Dead Slaves at the 17th Annual LES Festival of the Arts at the Theater for the New City.

May 7 - Logan has just completed a successful showing of An Alright Start by Trevor Buteau at the Richmond Shephard Theatre!

May 4 - Logan just finished assisting with Mitchell's Master Class on Stage Combat and Stage Combat Safety at Stonestreet Studios (NYU Tisch Affiliate).


April 2012

April 31 - Logan will be performing in another rendition of An Alright Start by Trevor Buteau on Sunday May 6 at 8pm at the Richmond Shephard Theatre.


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